Garden City High School Yearbook



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Click Here for Senior Picture Submission.  You will be redirected to a private photo sharing site.

There’s no school year like your school year. Your yearbook celebrates a year full of friends, events and shared experiences. It’s a place where your friends can jot down shared memories, too. Purchase one today; have memories on hand for a lifetime.

This link is provided to photographers and seniors submitting senior pictures ONLY for the use in the Garden City High School Yearbook.


ReplayIt is the premier school digital media platform that allows the school community to share its story.  This unique website is just for you and your school. It’s constantly updated with new photos – of people, events and activities from school – uploaded by the yearbook staff and other members of the school community. Join in the fun by uploading your own photos of you, your friends, and anything you want to share with the school!